SET COMPLETO retino cerchio 30cm 100cm manico telescopico alluminio

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MANICO :  telescopico alluminio 100cm

CERCHIO: 30cm diametro

RETE : 60cm lunghezza


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23,00 € tasse incl.


COMPLETE SET INSECT NET  with a ultralight durable 100cm telescopic aluminum pole, with 2 steps lengths you can chose every length you wish just screwing and de-screwing the connectors

30cm folding full stainless steel frame and polyester net bag  60cm depth a semi-professional economical combo good for an expert and who wants to start this passion with a small amount

just chose the colour of the net bag you wish and you'll receive all incluse in this offer

you save 20% with this combo

These mesh net bags are made with a light and very resistant polyester textile and cotton border produced n our workshop as for all the sizes of our fiberglass poles