250ml flacone x raccolta uccisione con tappino

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We all know how hard it is to prepare a butterfly or a moth on which it wings went some killing fluid has they are all attached and ruined

These killing bottles are just what you need , they allow you to kill moths, butterflies and other insects without getting them in direct contact with the killing fluid and make their wings get wet .

Their caps are added of a 7ml holed flipcap tube in the middle, sealed into a cork ring, easily reclosable and with pressed cotton roll inside . Collect an alive moth or butterfly , put it inside the tube, close with the cork stopper then put ethyl acetate or Ammonia in the small tube and simply close the cap .

The killing fluid vapors, will get into the tube in a few seconds and ONLY VAPORS WILL BE IN THE TUBE NOT ANY FLUID allowing the moth wings to stay perfectly dry . Once you drop the killing fluid into the tube, the cotton inside will allow the fuild to stay wet and last for at least 30-40 minutes or more so you can kill many beetles with the same fluid .