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  • tweezers and forceps

    Ultrafine Micro-tip tweezers SWISS Quality in many different models and shapes , from stainless steel to black painted ones flat tip rounded tip and tooted tips , economical forceps for fields and for all your needs 
    Ultrafine tips allows you to softly spread beetles legs and butteflies wings

    The 16cm tooted tweezers are useful to place short pins in your entomological boxes , very long 27cm for reaching beetles in thorny places between rocks or where you cannot reach them with bare fingers.

    Bigger ones 38cm and 45cm mostly used for big Spiders Reptiles and Amphibians.

  • mounting & cleaning...

    Here you find different sizes and SET of small brushes for mounting and cleaning beetles  

  • micro surgical...

    For genitalia extractions and other entomological jobs on Odonata,Orthoptera , Meloidae

    Or for anytime you need a very thin scissor with ultra sharp blades at an affordable price !!! Chirurgical German stainless steel

    NEW BATCH AVAILABLE NOW only 10cm total length with tiny 10mm length blades 

  • mounting handed...

    Two different models for your beetles preparation , one with wooden handle manufactured in our workshop the other with aluminum handle, both have a very tin tip made of stainless steel.

    These are also useful to take out our entomological glue from the jar and place it on the glue boards

  • measuring spoons

    These spoons make your work easy when you need to measure powders for your recipes based on weight , these are also useful used to place chemical flakes in your fumigant cylinders instead of using kitchen coffee spoons.

  • cleaning washing...

    Ideal tools for clecning your test tubes in different sizes and SETS check the pictures every model to see what tubes sizes you can clean with any of the choices.   

  • microscope sorting tray

    Specimen Sorting Trays useful for sorting small and micro insect specimens in alcohol under the microscope. size 9x6 x 0.8cm with 14 raised partitions creating 15 sorting lanes.

    Small sizes and very low thickness allows full view of the whole tray without rotating it

  • cleaning micro round...

    Micro dishes for cleansing and rinse of insects using our Ento-Cleaner or by immersion in KOH or beetles degreaser

    Do not use anymore home dishes or other small caps with these super white dishes resistant to all chemicals the job is done.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 36 items