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About us

Our is a professional company based in Italy, here you can find almost any product for Entomology, from pins of any kind to killing bottles,  beating sheets , winklers , butterfly-sweeping  nets and poles  chipped washed cork , breeding containers and cages , ultra fine tips Tweezers Vetus and other brands, dissecting needles, forceps, scissors, high grade lab tubes of any shape and size, 25 different chemicals , cardboard transport boxes , display drawers , glassine sheets and envelopes for butteflies, Laboratory plastic and glass pipettes, centrifugal and freezing test tubes, HDPE and PP  bottles , professional beakers and graduated tubes ,tube racks of any size , anything listed in single piece or small lots from in our  catalog there are more than 350 items.

In our company, besides some workers we all are Entomologist, we do collect various Families of beetles , my business partner and I have lived both half of our life in Italy and Greece this way we grew up surrounded by amazing locations full of  beetles in any season of year this helped us a lot keeping this passion for entomology for decades and after our passion that we have created this line of products, the other partners of our company are Italians  so we do speak and write Italian,and English.

All our products are tested one by one , tested material before production, checked during and after  production but sometime can happen that a product is defective bad assembled or simply clearly bad scratched from storage do not mind, this has to be the last of your worries as we are here to solve all and glad to know if anything went wrong during  production or assembling that could only be improved

About 60 % of our items are produced by our factory

Some are unique non mass production-commercial items and many of them are our own inventions  improvements on other already done similar items or our patents , designed and produced by our staff in our workshop , this is the reason we can give to our products a more competitive price

Products such butterflies net , Winklers, butterflies fruit traps , litter reducers , sweeping bags , some containers, display boxes,  glue boards , our entomological glue and many of the chemicals solutions  are produced by us , so as for all items that have in part or is made of cloth are also sewed by a professional team in our workshop.

This is why we can guarantee the quality and the long lasting of our products ,  in case something is clearly defective we will change it as well

We are a new company but our knowledge in this matter is pretty good as we are entomologists ourselves for decades , a young company but with lots of new ideas about entomology always researching new materials , new equipments to prototipe – test them and if they work well we add in our product line as well  improving some classical equipments in our own way trying to help the hard work of an entomologist  on field and we sincerely hope you'll be satisfied by our products as many collegues have done over the years that's our goal and our pride.

This is why when you buy from us you buy something designed, tested on field and produced  by experienced entomologists for entomologists.