PREPARATION (tools for mounting of specimens)

Here you can find all you need for mounting and spreading your specimens, from entomological pins of any kind, entomological glue, mounting medium Canada Balsam, glue boards and mounting boards. from your entomological store  shop in Italy

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  • insect pins BLACK...

    Black enamelled pins

    Made of steel wire, black enamelled coating finish , golden resin head , these are the classical entomological pins commonly used to pin boards with insects glued on them as the special enamelled coating allows the pin not to rotate ( the stainless steel pins does rotate after sometime )

    They are as well also used to pin beetles

    We have sizes 000-00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 packed x100 pcs in a esycap tube for easy access these pins are produced in EU

    Pins N° 000-00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6 are 39mm length , pins N°7 are 52mm length

  • insect pins STAINLESS...

    Pins stainless steel

    Made of steel wire, matte stainless steel , golden resin head . The best anticorrodal entomological pins commonly used to pin beetles directly on bodies ( not much used to pin boards with beetles glued on as they can rotate after a while cause of the smooth finish )

    We have sizes 000-00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 packed x100 pcs in a esycap tube for easy access these pins are produced in EU

    Pins N° 000-00-0-1-2-3-4-5-6 are 39mm length , pins N°7 are 52mm length

  • insect pins PHOTO...

    Transparent head PHOTO stainless steel pins

    Made of steel wire, matte stainless steel , transparent head .

    These are commonly used to pin beetles we want to take picture of as the transparent head is not that dark as for the resin headed ones

    We have sizes 00-0-1-2 packed x100 pcs in a esycap tube for easy access these pins are produced in EU. Pins are 39mm length   

  • entomological pins...

    spilli entomologici professionali IN ACCIAIO  antiruggine con CAPOCCHIA NERA ( da noi denominati per distinguerli dal modello classico,  BLACK HEAD  - BH ) a testa nera utili per fotografie su insetti o farfalle dal corpo scuro TUBETTO  x100 pz c.a  

    ( al momento abbiamo in stock il N4 con capocchia marrone  non nera ) 

    Prodotti in acciaio testati antiruggine , questi sono i classici spilli entomologici comunemente utilizzati per spillare insetti medi e piccoli in un pratico tubo con tappo a pressione di comodissima apertura e chiusura con una sola mano.

    #00  lungh. 39mm   Ø 0.27mm

  • glass & plastic headed...

    Here you can find a good selection of mounting pins with glass head or acrylic head in various lenghts and with different diameter of pin stem ideal for spreading butterflies or for mounting legs on big beetles 

  • Drawers labelling pins

    Labelling pins for drawers

    Made of stainless steel in a unique size 0.65mm x 16mm length packed in a 420pcs box they have the right length for pinning names labels in drawers.

    Usually plastazote foam on bottom of drawers is from 9mm to 12mm thickness , these pins are 16mm so when you pin a label , these remain a little bit outer easy to be removed in a second time if you need to move the label.

    We also sell in our store the special tooted tweezers you see in these pictures for pinning these small pins  

  • entomological glue

    Formulated , tested and produced in our workshop

    This special entomological glues Polyvinyl Alcohol based, has been long tested and it's perfect for gluying your insects on glue boards.

    This kind of glue totally melts in water in some minutes if you need to remove the specimen from the glue board simply soak all in water and it will detach in a while.

    We have two different density, one is 5/6 used to fill our 15ml dropper bottles and it's suitable for very small beetles.

    The other 30ml and 60ml jars are filled with the other density of 6/6, more dense, for bigger beetles.

    This glue has a perfect viscosity and dries fast and it is super transparent when dry.

    The very tiny tip on our 15ml dropper bottles allows you to put glue dropping it directly from the bottle , it makes very small dots . The glue contains an antifungal substance.

  • Canada Balsam fir gum...

    CANADA BALSAM ( MEDIUM MOUNTING ) original from Abies balsamea fir gum

    For genitalia inclusions and for embedding microscopic specimens

    Canada balsam, witch is very sensitive to water and can only be used after specimens have been dehydrated with high - percentage alcohol and xylene for embedding microscopic specimens medium mounting

    Due to its high optical quality and the similarity of its refractive index to that of crown glass (n = 1.55), purified and filtered Canada balsam was traditionally used in optics as an invisible-when-dry glue for glass, such as lens elements

    The very tiny tip on our 50ml dropper bottles allows you to put glue dropping it directly from the bottle , it makes very small dots .

  • pinning MICRO VIALS x...

    These vials are provided with a soft but durable silicone cap they allow you to place genitalia of your specimen under the cardboard simply by adding alcohol or glycerin inside the vial, close with the cap and pinning as it was a further tag.

    This way, you will never have the need to unstick or remove the edeagus from inclusion in order to study it later.

    Very useful also for micro soft-body insects that can not be glued and need to stay under liquid so you always have the specimens in your entomological box with all the data and not in tubes scattered in some box.

    Each 25 pcs bag is provided with a micro-pipette of 0.2ml in order to fill your vials with liquid

  • mounting handed pins-...

    Two different models for your beetles preparation , one with wooden handle manufactured in our workshop the other with aluminum handle, both have a very tin tip made of stainless steel.

    These are also useful to take out our entomological glue from the jar and place it on the glue boards

  • preparation mounting...

    Plastazote mounting board

    These preparation-mounting boards are made of HIGH DENSITY plastazote foam on top, plywood glued on bottom and 4 anti slip foam rubbers on bottom edges.

    This way , it is not only a plastazote sheet , with the addition of this resistant wooden part, it is always sturdy and the rubbers keep it on place while you work on your insects, it also has the right height not to get tired your hands during all the long pinning process .

  • 3 steps wooden pinning...

    3 steps wooden pinning block

    This tool is very usefull and very simple to use..

    When you have beetles glued on boards and you need to place labels of collection data such as locality , date and collector name and a second label with full name of the beetle and you want them to be all on the same line you definitely need this tool.

    First you glue the beetle on glue board ,when it is dry , pin the board where the beetle is on, put the pin into the first step ( 25mm) hole and slip the pin into it till the bottom, then place second label with data and do the same with the second step ( 21mm) hole, slip the pin into it till the bottom, then again pin the last label with the name of the beetle, put it on the last ( 10mm ) hole and slip it till the bottom.

    Use it for all your beetles and you will have a complete collection with all labels on the same line. Having a full collection mounted this way it is very professioanl and clean to see .

  • sorting and cleaning...

    microscope sorting trays

    Specimen Sorting Trays useful for sorting small and micro insect specimens in alcohol under the microscope. size 9x6 x 0.8cm with 14 raised partitions creating 15 sorting lanes.

    Small sizes and very low thickness allows full view of the whole tray without rotating it

    cleaning micro round dishes

    Micro dishes for cleansing and rinse of insects using our Ento-Cleaner or by immersion in KOH or beetles degreaser
    Do not use anymore home dishes or other small caps with these super white dishes resistant to all chemicals the job is done.

  • mounting glue boards
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Showing 1 - 30 of 51 items