Notice for wordwide customers ( why there's not a shipping cost for worldwide ? )

When you order, please note that our system is not able to calculate exact shipping rate due to many factors such as total weight and final size of the box, it cannot send the final invoice immediately

Once you finish your order CONFIRM IT EVEN IF YOU SEE NO SHIPPING COST ( you will not pay nothing until we send you total invoice with shipping ) send it to us we will send a total invoice with correct shipping and only then, if you wish to complete your order, you will be redirect to pay by paypal or by bank transfer as you wish. Please note that we also need your mobile number as reference for the courier.

We will start preparing and packing your order within 2 days , and it will be shipped within 2-3 days from your payment.

For orders suitable in small envelopes we chose registered post which is tracked and it is the only way to ship small packages because has different prices depending on weight but we do not ship often through this service as it needs long time to deliver and other reasons so we prefer couriers but we give you this chance as it is cheaper for smaller packages.

We don't gain money on shipping and we just want to ask the exact amount but we cannot quote an exact shipping cost until we know what will be the size of the box these below are approximately correct shipping rates by international courier we just add the cost of package/ handling based on the size and cost of the box used to package the parcel , this is specially for entomological boxes which may vary from 1,00 ( packaging for 1 to 2 boxes ) to 2,00 euro ( packaging from 4 to 6 boxes )


For shipping in boxes or orders more than 350 grams it's preferrable shipping by courier which is cheaper than registered post according to the same weight, and faster as delivery.

The shipping partners we chose are UPS BRT or DHL to pick up the parcel then, depends on your destination, the parcel will be taken from your local courier for the final delivery.

Tracking number will be given once the package will be taken from courier and shipped , we will also give you the link where you can follow your parcel

For no reasons we ship prioritary or un-tracked parcels , they are just little bit cheaper but not safe , they can be lost or stolen and we want to be sure that you will receive your package.

Shipping cost may vary little bit on some destinations such as Romania , Malta, Liechtestein , Czech Republic, Greece , Spain , Portugal, Sweden, and specially Norway and Turkey

These below rates are based on three different couriers offers we always search deals prices from different couriers before sending you total invoices

Shipping costs by international couriers price it is not only based on weight but it is also connected to the size of the box and locations


International courier   DHL / UPS  (the different rates are based on different destinations and size of parcel) On most European countries it just takes 48 hours delivery , destinations such Romania and Russia can take up to 4 days delivery  will be quoted at the time of order


from 6 to 10 kg + often, if the size of the box is small enough, shipping cost may also be cheaper than a package 5 kg weight but with a larger size.

Shipping up to 20kg within Europe are also available and very affordable compared to smaller boxes rates for example box size 40x40x40cm 20kg to Germany or France is 30,00 euro

on the above rates must be added a supplement from 0,50 to 1,50 euro x parcel for packaging material that will be all calculated in the invoice



Solitamente i tempi di consegna con questo tipo di servizio e' in 24h ma puo' arrivare a 48h nel caso di isole o se il corriere ritira il vostro pacco in azienda al pomeriggio invece del mattino

Costi spedizione 8,90 € ( costi comprensivi di spese imballo )

Per ordini superiori i 150,00 €  la spedizione e' gratuita per tutta Italia isole comprese