3 steps wooden pinning block x glue boards

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STEPS: 10-21-25mm


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3 steps wooden pinning block

This tool is very usefull and very simple to use..

When you have beetles glued on boards and you need to place labels of collection data such as locality , date and collector name and a second label with full name of the beetle and you want them to be all on the same line you definitely need this tool.

First you glue the beetle on glue board ,when it is dry , pin the board where the beetle is on, put the pin into the first step ( 25mm) hole and slip the pin into it till the bottom, then place second label with data and do the same with the second step ( 21mm) hole, slip the pin into it till the bottom, then again pin the last label with the name of the beetle, put it on the last ( 10mm ) hole and slip it till the bottom.

Use it for all your beetles and you will have a complete collection with all labels on the same line. Having a full collection mounted this way it is very professioanl and clean to see .