5ml freezing test tubes

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SIZE: 15X57mm

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With the term "freezing" we usually mean laboratory tubes with screwcap that are produced in state of art using high purity virgin polypropylene and manufactured to be used at temperature between -80° to + 121° C

In entomology these tubes are mostly used, for the smaller sizes, to store beetles under liquids, the bigger sizes are commonly used for collecting beetles using them as killing tubes with chemicals added.

All our tubes have screwcap, and depending on models some have conical or self standing bottom, some of them with connection build in plug in the cap and, where specified some might have O-ring washer under cap for an even better leak proof.

Graduations in silk-screen printing applied on some sizes makes identification easy.

Our Freezing tubes are made of pure virgin Polypropylene and are DNAse, RNase and progen free.

We offer all the available sizes in many different lots and on demand we also sell wholesale