MICRO-NET 100cm Honeydew

New product

FRAME: 13cm diam.


POLE: 100cm fiberglass 


NET COLOUR : white or brown to chose here >>

PRODUCER : EntomoAlex-gr

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8,90 € tax incl.

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These small but strong micro-nets are produced in our workshop.

Made of light fiberglass, these poles are telescopic and with a short closed length they are unique having a very small frame made of stainless steel of 13cm diameter usefull in all those days when you can hardly manage to get beetles on stacks ( Buprestidae . Cerambycidae and so on ) with a normal net

These are also perfect for catch Cicindela in places where rocks don't allow you a normal size net. For catching flying beetles on the sand or for catching beetles walking on trees ( a normal net is too large to get into the leafs and barks )

We firstly created the smaller size of 70cm for the "Honeydew" hunt on leafs as we re-created the Honeydew artificially but with natural ingredients for human consumption in different tastes

We also produce and sell it , you can read more about it in the "honeydew" section.

Then other sizes such as 110cm an d 140cm have been conceived for the other hunting ways

All the micro-nets have choice of 2 different colours of mesh bag in white or clear brown.