Xeroeclector WINKLER extractor COMPLETE SET

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MESH BAGS : 4X  28x34cm 4mm hole INCLUDED



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Produced in our workshop on the basis of the classical one it has been improved a little based on our and others knowledges we re-designed it

We sell it complete included of container and 4 open top mesh bags 28 x 34cm with retaining hooks to be filled of sifted ground or other litter ,waiting to release beetles .

Upper parts is made of strong cotton fabric able to evaporate the humidity of the ground we put into the bags , conical bottom is not cotton as for all the industrial ones it is made of a smooth and resistant polyester fabric which doesn't allow the beetles to cling on it once they fall from the bags

Between the upper part and conical part on bottom there are two aluminum frames to help keeping open the bag and on which you also hang the sifting bags.

We also improved the holding way on top with a 2 ways drawstring which , once pulled almost seal and close the top ( you simply must roll up and tie the cords after ) connected to it , internally there are 2 more cords and a hook to hang it on place.

We also changed the capacity ( 300ml ) and type of collecting container no more bottles with small neck not able to collect all beetles ( when half of the beetles are dead around the neck of it and unusable .

These containers so conceived for shape and the kind of retainer for this containers allows all the beetles to get into the preservant fluid and they will all be perfectly preserved for study and preparation

We also added 4 retainer each bag made of soft anodized steel wire , once you have put the ground into the bags put these and fold them firmly , this way the ground will not fall all down on the bottom of the bags but will stay with the same thickness for all the length of it

We do also sell spare bags for it separately zipped and non zipped bags in different mesh sizes 2mm and 4mm to chose from